Drive Our Economy is a task force of community, union, business, and agricultural leaders who have joined together to promote economic strategies that benefit the greater Northwest region.

We support policies and programs that provide jobs and opportunity to our communities our member organizations serve and ensure our region is seen as a competitive place for businesses to grow and prosper.

Roadways are the backbone of Idaho, Montana and Washington’s economic infrastructure and key to economic prosperity. Maintaining and improving our regional highway infrastructure is pivotal in keeping our region competitive. Rural roadways promote tourism, provide access to global markets for farmers and ranchers, serve our regional military installations, and allow for continued growth among industrial sectors such as mining and energy.

Balancing the multiple interests and users that depend on road transportation infrastructure requires collaborative engagement across state and community borders. We are committed to supporting a pro-business, pro-growth environment in transportation infrastructure planning. By bringing together a broad task force of the many interests across our region that depend on rural infrastructure for their livelihood, we will:

  • Promote economic competitiveness through infrastructure improvement
  • Expand economic opportunities for Idaho and Montana’s rural communities
  • Provide jobs today and secure investments for the future

A project of the Montana Contractors Association and the Montana Motor Carriers Association, our Co-Chairs include Cary Hegreberg, Executive Director of the Montana Contractors Association and Spook Stang, Executive Director of the Motor Carriers of Montana.