Announcing Drive Our Economy

Welcome to the Drive Our Economy blog! Here you will find regularly updated posts with information about our task force of community, union, business, and agricultural leaders who have come together to promote economic strategies that benefit Idaho and Montana.

The members of our task force support ongoing efforts to provide jobs and create opportunity in our local communities through infrastructure investment. We strive to ensure that our region is viewed as a competitive part of the country for business. To do this, Drive Our Economy supports policies and projects that:

  • promote economic competitiveness through infrastructure improvement
  • expand opportunities for Idaho and Montana’s rural communities
  • provide jobs today and secure investments for the future

The highways and roads in Idaho and Montana play a critical role in sustaining our economic infrastructure and employment. Our roadways cultivate tourism, provide access to global markets for farmers and ranchers, support regional military facilities and foster the continued growth of vital industries like mining and energy. The Drive Our Economy task force brings together this diverse set of entities and represents those from all parts of the region.

Right now, local control over our roadways is under attack from outside environmentalists and activists who want to use our state as a battleground for their own agenda. In fact, 96% of comments on proposed oil sands shipments through Montana have come from global activists, drowning out the opinion of Montanan’s and those who live and work along the proposed route. Politicizing control of our roadways would set a dangerous precedent for many businesses in our region.

In these tough economic times, opportunity and growth are not easy to come by. And Drive Our Economy believes the best way to shift our regional economy out of neutral and into drive to encourage business and growth, not drive it out.

Thanks again for visiting our blog, and we hope that you will check back soon for more news on issues affecting our roadways. For more information on how your organization or company can become a member, please click here.