Facts & Figures

Booming Local Support

Majority of Montanans and Idahoans Support Oversize Shipments

Residents in Idaho and Montana continue to express their support for oversized shipments. In two recent surveys commissioned by the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry and the Motor Carriers of Montana, co-chairs of the Drive Our Economy task force, an overwhelming majority of local residents supported the proposed shipments.
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The Raw Facts

Oversize Shipments: The Raw Facts

Idaho and Montana rely on commercial highway usage to support local jobs and growth. Proposed shipments along Highway 12, bound for the Kearl oilsands project in Alberta, Canada, will bring millions of dollars in direct spending on infrastructure and local contracting. Read More »

Top 8 Myths

Top 8 Myths: Kearl –US 12 Transportation Project

  1. These shipments are mega-loads, far beyond what would usually be allowed on our highways.These shipments are not “mega-loads.” In fact, they are comparable to other oversize loads, such as a mobile home shipment, and adhere to all state weight requirements for oversize loads. Oversized trucking is a vital part of business across the country, and essential to Idaho and Montana’s farmers, ranchers, construction projects, and the military. Read More »